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Brice G. Cox, Jr.

Brice attended the University of Arizona where he received a BFA in illustration. Upon graduating in 1998, he joined the Industrial Light and Magic Art Department as a Production Assistant. He spent the next eight months as part of the Star Wars Episode One team and found a niche designing and animating display screen graphics. He has since worked on the feature film Space Cowboys and numerous commercials as an Animatics Artist.

Bob Edwards

Bob Edwards is a Sound Designer, Editor and Mixer at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, California. Since 1989, he has worked at Skywalker Ranch on feature films, television shows, commercials, and music projects. Bob received an Emmy nomination for Best Sound for his work on Lucasfilm's The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Prior to his joining Skywalker Sound, Bob was the Technical Director of Aspen Film Society and Aspen Studios at their facilities in Aspen, Colorado and Santa Barbara, California. He began his career in the recording industry in 1974 as a Staff Recording Engineer at Record Plant Recording Studios in Sausalito and Los Angeles. Bob can be reached at (415) 662-1327 or

Warren Fu

Growing up in Chicago, Illinois as a middle child, Warren's first memories were hanging out in the basement eating potato chips, pretending his C-3PO action figure was Johnny Sako's Giant Robot, and drawing Spiderman on a squeaky folding table. His family moved to Southern California when he was still young, and he discovered a passion for aerosol art in his early teens. Throughout his high school years, he and his friends could be found painting giant productions on the legalized graffiti walls of Huntington Beach, improving their skills through friendly competition.

A few hundred potato chip bags later, Warren was about to begin his final semester as an economics major at the University of California, Berkeley when he learned about the art internship at George Lucas's infamous Industrial Light + Magic. He made it in to the program, and found that drawing spaceships and creatures was more fun for him than drawing supply and demand graphs. Immediately following graduation, he was asked to join ILM's Star Wars Episode I crew. He received his first film credit as a visual effects storyboard / concept artist and learned a little about everything during the process: conceptual art, storyboards, animation, matte painting and even graphic design. Since then, he has done work on various commercials and films at ILM, including Galaxy Quest, Space Cowboys, Impostor and upcoming A.I. He has also done design concepts for recording artists Aaliyah, Lucy Pearl and Dawn Robinson (from En Vogue). The people he credits as major influences on his art career are Doug Chiang, David Nakabayashi, Brian O'Connell, Chito Arellano, Esther Taylor, Joe Johnston, Ralph McQuarrie, George Lucas and his parents. Contact info: S.O.L Design & Illustration (415)595-4765,, and

Justin Graham

Justin was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he was raised on a healthy diet of television and movies. After studying art and film at the University of Arizona in Tucson he moved to the Bay Area to pursue a career as as a museum curator. The next three years were spent developing large scale multi-media exhibitions at the new San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. When an opportunity came up to work at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Ranch during Star Wars: Episode I, his inner geek could not resist and he has been working on feature films ever since. He has been a computer graphics artist at Industrial Light & Magic and Tippett Studio. Currently he is trying to make Kevin Bacon invisible. In addition to working on movies Justin has also been producing independent art projects and the Short Attention Span Film and Video Festival, an international film and video festival featuring works two minutes or shorter. Contact info:

Marc Hedlund

Marc is CEO and founder of Popular Power - a platform for Internet-wide distributed computing. Marc was also the founder and head of Lucasfilm's Internet Division (now Lucas Online) from 1997 through the release of Star Wars: Episode I in 1999. Prior to that Marc was Director of Engineering at Organic Online; and CTO at Webstorm, where he developed one of the first Internet shopping cart applications. Contact info:

Meghan K. McDowell

Growing up in northern Virginia in a family of technophiles, McDowell was surrounded by computers. Despite this fact she went on to study archaeology at the University of Virginia. After college she moved to San Francisco and worked as an archaeologist in the Bay Area. Heavy rains forced her to look for employment elsewhere and she began working as a Production Editor for Hotwired. She discovered she liked creating web pages almost as much as uncovering the past. She later went on to become production manager for Webmonkey, a website for web developers. Currently she is freelancing. Contact info:

Anna McMillan

Originally born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Anna spent most of her childhood in Reston Virginia. After graduating from James Madison University, she immediately switched coasts to come enjoy the good life in sunny California. Upon her relocation to San Francisco in 1995, she quickly embraced the California lifestyle -- joining WIRED's early Internet site, continuing with her vegetarianism, and then later, purchasing her first convertible -- a 1974 Volkswagon Thing. Currently, Anna is the Animation and Motion Designer Director at Red Industries where she has worked on animations for clients such as Lucasfilm, WIRED, and Shockwave. In the past five years, she has designed many of the sites for WIRED, including the HotWired homepage, RGB gallery, the Netizen, and Animation Express, WIRED's animation channel -- the creation of which was inspired by Anna's speech at Seybold on animation. She has been featured in ID Magazine, O'Reilly's Photoshop for the Web, Mastering Photoshop 5 for the Web and HotWired Style.

Kathryn Otoshi

Kathryn Otoshi graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BA in graphic design in 1992. Following graduation, she opened her own business, Otoshi Design which later became KO/Knock Out Design. Kathryn moved her business to Seattle, Washington, and freelanced for award-winning graphic design firm, Hornall-Anderson Design, working on projects such as Starbucks, Intel, and Tunturi. Other freelance projects include work for Boeing, Lexus, FX Television, and Seiko. Kathryn returned to the Bay area in 1995 to work with Shadowlight Productions, designing and illustrating over 70 puppets for the play, In Xanadu, which was performed at Fort Mason in San Francisco. In 1996 she received her Master's in Fine Arts in Painting at California College of Arts & Crafts. At present Kathryn is working as the Grafx & Multimedia Art Director at George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic. She is continuing her pursuit in painting as well as her interest in writing and illustrating children's books

Pam Statz

Pam Statz has been working on the Web since 1993 when her favorite journalism professor at UW-Madison received a grant to develop an Internet publishing class, one of the first in the nation. It happened that the University of Chicago released Mosaic just as the class year started. After graduation, she co-taught the college-level class and soon landed a job at HotWired in San Francisco. Two and half years of production directing at HotWired prepared her for a two-year stint producing the Web site for the most anticipated motion picture ever made: Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. is among the top 10 most visited Web sites with millions of hits daily. Despite the incredible growth of the Internet, Pam always suspected the Web was just a fad. It wasn't until last year when her 68-year-old mother bought an iMac and started surfing the web from her rural Wisconsin dairy farm, that Pam knew for certain the Web was here to stay. Contact info:

Mild Mannered Technologist

While he was born in Boston, and spent much of his early childhood in Massachusetts, Taylor grew to adulthood in the birthplace of the Ebola virus, Reston Virginia. An actor by training, Taylor gravitated to the popular and lucrative art form of performance art, where he would routinely dismantle thousands of last decade's machines to dramatize techno utopian/distopian futures based on Bosche paintings or trendy mathematical principles. After graduating James Madison University he was lucky enough to fall into this whole internet thing early enough to learn by doing, he's worked his way through a variety of internet jobs, from systems administration to advertising, from animator to interface designer, javascript programmer to tech reporter. Currently he's a Mild Mannered Technologist at Red Industries where he programs multimedia and web interfaces. He has no last name but his superhero alter-ego can be found at Contact:


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